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  • Can't Save Game in Skirmish Mode?

    Why I can't save game in skirmish mode?

    Is there any way to save the game in skirmish mode?

    If yes, how to do it?

    Thank you

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    Why nobody reply my question? Help me please.


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      This is bad customer service. Why nobody helping me my question. All of you are stingy.


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        Hello bast. If you start the Men of War AS2 in Skirmish mode and then play the game, and then again you wish to save the game somewhere in between, you press the Esc key to stop the game and a window with 6 elongated buttons appear. They are...'Back', 'Save', 'Reload', 'Restart', 'Options' and 'Exit'. If you can't see the 'Save' button, which is the second button below the 'Back' button, then there something unusually wrong with your game. Maybe it is not installed properly. Try reinstalling it and see if the 'Save' button is there. Of course if you click on the 'Save' button, a small pop-up window will appear and you can automatically save the game in 'autosave' by simple clicking on Save, or make your own save name and then click on Save. If you want to see if the game has been saved at that point, do this. Press the Esc key and then on the window with the elongated buttons, click on 'Load', then on the pop-up window, click on 'autosave' or if you made a name, click on that and then click on Load. You can also double-click on 'autosave' or the name you used for the saved part and it will automatically load. Hope this will help.


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          I had a similar issue recently.
          So went to steam and downloaded the proper version of the game... aaand the button appeared!
          Thanks for the answer! That really helped!
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