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  • Unit Veterancy

    I haven't seen anyone mention this before but I think it could be made to work in a Men of War kind of way. At its most basic units would gain veterancy for kills. Every time the unit kills something the game would +1 a database field for that unit. When a certain threshold is reached (depending on the unit)that unit would go up in rank which would be indicated by a new rank for that unit. Ie rank goes from a 1 stripe private to a 2 stripe corporal.

    The bonus this would give would be dependent on the type of unit. Infantry for instance could fire a bit more accurate or maybe gain more hit points or both. Tanks and at guns could gain reload speed and accuracy. Artillery could reload faster or have slightly better accuracy.

    All of these bonuses I mentioned would fit perfectly within the current Mow system and would keep it realistic while adding depth to the game.

    Veterancy would reward players for keeping their units alive over the course of a game rather then throwing them away as cannon fodder, especially infantry.

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    There's a pretty funny saying in Company of Heroes that pretty much sums up your suggestion:

    "Our veterans, 6 years of war. There veterans, 6 days of war."

    :P So I'd chuck this out the window, for realism purposes. It's not like you learn to shoot better after killing five or so men, and I can vouch for that since I'm a skeet shooter. Takes a whole lot more practice. It fits well in a game like CoH, and promotes unit preservation, but it just doesn't really fit here.


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      Having them rank up would be cool. Giving those units benefits from ranking up not so cool.

      At the end of the game I'd love to see a more fancy battlefield analysis. Like at the end of a FPS game it shows you the score in a table of the players. Instead of players though you see the units. Which unit killed the most. What there name was. Damage taken. Shots fired and so on...


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        *Buys recruit Calliope* *1 Shot* *Got elite Calliope*


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          Ranking up is not needed in game like MoW, it was something different, since you had missions with a small group of soldiers and they had to 4 of them eliminated all map... now, in action-style MOWAS its not so good, yes, sometimes you can have a unit that survives long (good-placed Mgunner, sniper, AT-riflemen), but all other units (besides artillery) are mostly temporary...even elite infantry (that already comes with high skill) cannot live forever...

          But yes, some analysis would be know this, you can see in left top corner, who and what killed what, so in the end, you can see: "Player1-Vet.Tiger-6kills" etc...

          There are a lot of things that can be made in lobby/chat/game...statistic, teamchat, etc...


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            Just include more information (like the id of the unit) in the log file and rest could be calculated.


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              Yeah...would be epic, to see after some time "global" statiscis (as it is in CoH), like which units was bough most times, which one is the best tank hunter, inf killer, emplacement killer and also the most useless units (with low kill/dead ratio), this would also help in future balances... I would like to see some global stats of Pershing and Tiger


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                +1 for global stats and in general more informations for better analysis of games


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                  Start thinking up categories then...

                  Each player could have their own personal categories of best infantryman and best tank. Then out of all those it shows the best of the best to all the players at the end. So for me my best infantry guy was Jeff Spearman but he didn't get the most kills out of the entire game among all players. Was some German dude named HoffleWaffle with a god damn freaking noob MG42.

                  Best Infantry
                  Best Tank (This one seems hard because who gets the kills? The gunner? or is it attributes to the tank itself? Either one is fine I think)

                  I can't think of anymore beyond that, that could be done with the log. Things like "most stealthy" I imagine would be very hard to calculate. This is only a fun extra feature. It's not game changing.


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                    Maybe stripe of vet or a ring on the tank gun, so that everyone knows that a particular unit was useful.


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                      Speaking from a technical point of view after modding MoW for many years, having units dynamically change on the fly during a game, be it a texture i.e barrel rings for killing enemy vehicles is just not feasible or practical. You would need 15 more tiger textures for a start to signify each individual additional ring. That's 15x more than the standard texture used. Complete waste of space. On top of which you'd hardly notice it. Personally if any 'ranking' or 'veterancy' is possible, it would be in the form of a UI chevron above the squads Ui indicator or in the bottom left hand screen of the individual soldiers portrait signifying no. of kills. It would however, all be superficial though, having any dynamic in-game change effect the performance of an individual unit is also impossible in the current iteration of the GEM engine.



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                        UI Chevron + text.

                        So everyone comes to the battlefield as "Private Jenkins" with a private chevron in the bottom left corner. Kills a few dudes. Sergeant Jenkins in text with a SGT tag woop woop.


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                          With a program I made long time ago, I could quite nicely gather a lot of fun statistics from matches, however it does not recognize a single man/unit.

                          All we need from DMS is a little more entries in the logfile and we could sort it out ourselves.


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                            Originally posted by Thompson-Nagant View Post
                            With a program I made long time ago, I could quite nicely gather a lot of fun statistics from matches, however it does not recognize a single man/unit.

                            All we need from DMS is a little more entries in the logfile and we could sort it out ourselves.
                            Is there anything you have that's in delimited format? I have a program that can represent the raw data in fancy graphics and UI.


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                              It can also generate HTML files so check out an example here:
                              You can click on players names or weapons to get detailed statistics. Mind you it was an experiment and WIP so it needs work!
                              But one could extract some cool statistics if done properly, especially if DMS added some more information in the log-file.
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