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  • Why So Many German Missions?

    This may be an odd question, but why is there so much German-centric mod content for MoW:AS? Especially SP missions.

    I personally dislike playing as the Germans. It's a moral thing. I just don't like being on the side of the baddies. It feels dirty.
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    Dirty? Okay...

    Maybe WW2 games aren't for you then.

    However if you do only want to play as the winning side and pretend the allies always had the moral highground then there is always room for another modder to create additional units and missions.


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      I sense I've touched a nerve, and that somewhat intrigues me. I also notice you didn't answer my question.


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        @Gepanzert Faust,
        So he doesn't want to play as germans - it's his right, and his choice - piss off, and don't teach him which games he is to play.

        And what is that nonsense about "the winning side"? Or those damn n**is having any moral ground at all? Someone's just gotta go to school.

        Anyway, let's not turn this into history and/or political discussion-club, the question was: why are there so many SP custom missions made to play as germans?

        I have an idea, but it's not the one I feel like sharing.
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          It's because of the "Wehrmachtmania",it made everyone think that WW2 Germany had the perfect military,mostly from propaganda.
          But in reality,Germany wasn't able to maintain all that technology,and then Berlin fell.
          I have a 32 page article solely proving why it wasn't so "perfect" and why people started thinking it was.


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            I guess it is due to the fact that there are more opportunities: more theatres of war, more vheicles, more contender and so on.
            It is very easy build a "story" with more options.


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              America! **** yeah!!!!

              (out to save.. the mother fu world yea...)


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                Originally posted by Dilust View Post
                I guess it is due to the fact that there are more opportunities: more theatres of war, more vheicles, more contender and so on.
                That doesn't really make sense. Preference to theatre of war and linking that to playing as Germany would only be relevant to campaigns, because 1 campaign for Germany can offer more variation in this aspect, but there are very few SP campaign mods, so I guess you can't be right. If someone was really interested in merely theatre of war, they wouldn't care about which side to choose. There would be a great amount of variation for theatres of war with a random proportion of which side is available to play as, but instead there is an overwhelming preference for Germany.

                More vehicles? Really? How many more standard vehicles are there for the Germans compared to the others? How many vehicles were historically available to Germany compared to the other nations?

                "More contenders" doesn't apply for my first reason.
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                  That seem like someone wants to create a holywar.
                  Why there are so many german missions? Because modders make what they want, but not others. Is it actually your business what modders want?
                  Someone may ask why i work mostly on American army units and their equipment in my mod. The reason is that i simply like their equipment more than others', not because i support them or anything else.
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                    Dear derf, you are right - you did touch a nerve, and I apologise, firstly for my less than polite answer and secondly for indeed not answering your question.

                    I felt offended that your post seemed to echo the "All Germans were/are <snip> and thus evil." point of view which certainly is not the case.

                    My grandfather fought in a regular Wehrmacht unit during the Second World War and before he died we spoke several times about the rise of the <snip> party and the guilt he felt regarding the war and its atrocities, a guilt which is shared by many other regular Germans.

                    He explained that, like many other young German men at the time, he voted for the NSDAP not because Hitler promised war, but because he promised bread.

                    He later joined the armed forces, not because of the <snip> party's insane racist ideology, but because he felt there wasn't much tolerance for a young man his age not to join the war effort.

                    My first message did not mean to argue that Germany holds any "moral highground" but to highlight that sadly in war neither side is usually devoid from acts of absent or dubious morality.



                    Finally, in reply to ShtoormoVick's usual torrent of angst, please remember that no matter how disgusted you are by what people say, there is no need for abusive language to be directed at anyone.

                    If you were any other person I might try to reason with you but since someone has an embarrassing history of inflammatory, offensive and argumentative posts I simply won't bother.
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                      @ Gepanzert Faust
                      1. There's nothing embarrassing in my forum history,
                      2. I never started any flame without sensing a reason,
                      3. I simply pointed out, that you went OT, and you reasoning and advices, as you have made them, were messy and obscure, to say the least, not to mention - out of place,
                      4. I don't consider expressions like "piss off", or words like "nonsense" to by overly abusive - harsh at best.
                      5. It is delusional to consider people you barely know to be any less adequate, then people should be.
                      6. I don't care for rep points
                      That's pretty much all.
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                        @Gepanzert Faust - I'd like to remind you that the "N" word is not allowed on the forums, seems some people like the word in this thread.

                        @ShtoormoVick - "piss off" is an offensive word and an insult, its against the rules.

                        Another thread ruined - Locked.