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  • Skirmish Missions by SirHinkel II

    So since my first thread isn't available anymore (I guess they don't wanted to treat me a subforum...^^) I opened this one.

    And of course I have to announce a little update available under:

    It contains basicly the same maps (only the Germans by now) but with a new and different lineup from mission to mission and of course several other changes.

    __________________________________________________ _____

    This Campaign uses GSM X as source of all models and stuff so it won't run without it!!!

    Further I really recommend playing this Mod on easy if you're not an experienced MoW:AS player. The difficutly level was choosen and balanced with at least two players in Coop. There still might by a few Bugs in it since I've never made such difficult scripts before and especially on the missions "Atlantikwall" and "Stalingrad" I've tried a new kind of mission and I'm not sure if everyone will understand what my intension was.
    There is one more thing: I've put a game_progress file into the Mod but I really would recommend to play all the missions from the beginning.
    I'm really looking forward to your Feedback and now I hope you'll have fun with it.

    Link to the Campaign:
    Link to the campaign on Moddb:
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    Hello SirHinkel,
    You made the right move with the new thread.
    With best regards


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      Awesome news, Thanks for all the hard work Sir Hinkel, downloading now......


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        Perfect, thx!


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          Thats weird, your old thread still shows up with original date but it shows no posts in it and it says "Topic not found. You may have followed an invalid link or the topic may have been deleted or moved to another forum."


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            Originally posted by djsatane View Post
            Thats weird, your old thread still shows up with original date but it shows no posts in it and it says "Topic not found. You may have followed an invalid link or the topic may have been deleted or moved to another forum."
            Jep, as I said I nearly reached the 1000 posts with the last thread and I guess DMS doesn't wanted to give me a subforum so they killed it...


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              Its more likely that some kind of error occured during forums transfer, try contacting some moderator he maybe able to find out, it may still be recoverable.


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                Originally posted by djsatane View Post
                Its more likely that some kind of error occured during forums transfer, try contacting some moderator he maybe able to find out, it may still be recoverable.
                yes I know - was just joking.

                I really don't care if its recoverable or not I'm just happy that the forum is back online.


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                  Hey Hinkel! Played through the Geman missions and it was quality stuff as usual. In the Town map the Pz4G didnt appear. I mean the cheaper variant... Or was is an F2? Anyway the cheaper of the long barrel ones before the H. Also one of the reinforcements outside the map appeared to fire at an enemy daimler that looped around from the left... Can't remember other bugs but I got a feeling I saw some. Would love to see some very early war variants of the maps.


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                    We also checked the missioms. Much better balanced and great fun. As an idea for the future: after capping specific flags there could me some unexpected stuff like map expansion to the left and some events there or side missions for special stuff. E.g. some Bergepanzer capping or medical tents for Hp boost or s.t. like that. Automated resupply for guns and infantrie is wow!

                    Problems: The infantrie loses too fast their guns, they despawn too fast. Also some call-in units stay at their spawn point and dont come into the map as wanted.


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                      After playing the new Variety Version of German missions, I think the new ones are great!

                      First, it's a great idea to have a different lineup of units for both AI & players. For instance, in the mission "Ardennes", my front line is often composed of infantry, taking cover behind bushes, woods, walls, and rocks while giving my AT guns & Panzers (stationed behind) line of sight. Everytime when the US attacks, all I have to do is to call my Panzers to go up ahead, shoot the poor Sherman while he's busy suppressing my infantry. Now US got the new Sherman croc, which broke my first line of defense easily - this beast lit up a squad of soldiers in just a blink of an eye. However, you could hardly say that Sherman croc is OP since it's very vulnerable to PaK 40, which player can order at the beginning of the game.

                      And since the reinforcements time for the AI has increased, player can have more time to establish defensive positions & issue attacks without enemy tank's constant disturb. While I was playing mission "Creek" in original game, Russian's armor car (the one with autocannon on it) just rushed into my base from the left flank in less than five minutes into the game, slaughtered half of the defending troops before being took out by an AT grenade. Now Russian only got armored jeeps & armored cars at the beginning, with a relatively long spawn time. And this time, Germans got AT rifleman - fair trade for me. At the end game, it wont be just another massive pointless "Konigstiger vs Pershing" shoot out, but a slowly progressed assault - I like it!
                      By adjusting the units lineup & increase reinforcements time for AI, the game become more challengeable and balanced.

                      And the cancellation of artillery zone - finally! I still don't have a clue how to take out the enemy's arty point in the AS2 mission set up without Stuka supports or dying a lot of soldiers (or rush a medium armor all the way to artillery position!), so I am really happy that arty zone has been cancelled.

                      As of the difficulty - I'd say it's very friendly in Easy, kind of rough in Normal, cruel in Hard & Heroic. The only way to reasonably add the difficulty without some balance issues is probably A) add more foxholes to some important point instead of walls or rocks, since walls can be easily destroyed by cannon and rocks can't offer too many space for soldiers to hide. (Also, a LMG in foxhole is devastating!) or B) Improve the enemy's infantry & tank's cooperation. Since infantry have a wider LOS, if you can script the infantry to attack with tanks, your mod will definitely become more playable.

                      That's all I can think of right now. Here are some screenshots I just took from the battlefield, hope you'll enjoy : )





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                        Hi SirHinkel,

                        first of all thanks for your terrific maps. I wanted to note that when I play your skirmish map "Monastery" (playing as Russians vs. Germans) it doesn't have a minimap background--that is, I see a minimap with friendly and enemy units, but that's it, no terrain, just the units on a dark backdrop. Not a huge issue but thought you should know. Possibly related: I don't see a SirHinkel splash screen when loading that Monastery map, just smoke/fog animations, looks like the game isn't seeing any splash screen and just defaults to its animated menu background with no overlay.
                        I would have posted this on Moddb but their site appears to be down.
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                          your maps no longer work with GSM....that makes me cry. anychance (however small) you could just quickly go over the files and change a few lines that got screwed up when they patched?

                          Thanks alot


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                            @ Glacifer: Thanks for the very detailed report. Will see what I can do concerning your requests. Nice Screenshots by the way!
                            @ Krummlauf: Thanks for the reports I'll check Monastery and the Crate7 issue.
                            @ Rizk: There will be a GSM update very soon and after its release I'll release some new missions that I've made specially for GSM. The "older" Missions were never optimized for GSM.


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                              These missions are simply outstanding. Some of the best map/mission design I've ever seen. Somebody should pay you for this or at least give you a hug!


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                                Mate can only agree with you, would be good if developers of this great series contacted master mod makers like Sir Hinkel, Bass, Dsjane etc , these blokes create great mods for single players too.
                                Never know MOW Assault Squad 2 is still in closed Betta, could happen, hope so