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  • #6 german skirmish mission: RAURAY


    download this mission here: Sorry, you will download the next version soon!

    - uncompress the file with winrar.
    - Extract the Rauray's mod folder in the "mods" folder inside your Men of War: Assault Squad directory
    If this folder does not exist, create it:
    - DVD version: C:\Program Files\1C Company\Men of War. Assault Squad\mods
    - Steam Version: C:\Program Files\Steam2\SteamApps\common\men of war assault squad\mods

    When you install this mod, and open the skirmish menu, you will see a new button: "Normandy 1944", click on it and you have this mission "Rauray"

    (Important: Note that if you have already lauch the mod "Russy" or "Brettevillette", this mission will not appear: you have to use one mission at the time : all my single missions use the same slot in game menu)

    - Bassmaniac: Map and basic scripts, pics, sounds, textures, music..
    - Steven: Advanced scripts and menus, debuging, new units choice.

    Large map project, based on the original satellite view of Rauray (google map heightmap import (see aerial pics) but with more relief to increase gameplay).

    MUSIC: all songs composed by Bassmaniac

    Play this skirmish mission, and have fun!
    Note: if you find any bug or have a good idea for the next missions, please mp me!
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      Re: #6 german skirmish mission: RAURAY


      Thank's for your comment.
      You are right, i've just found already this problem that appears only with some units and i don't know why

      I've done a research in the script listings and with gem editor, to compare param by param the right units and those who have this problem and i had found nothing! (i was thinking a problem of delay too short with the triggers). All params seems to be stricly identical.. I also asked some modders last week to help me on this point but i've still no answer yet..

      I'll check it again and will upload a new version if i find a solution with this bug.

      Otherwise, what do you think about this missions and news maps?
      Can you give me back your point of view (difficulty, new object, ambush units, relief etc..), to help me to ameliorate this maps 'and create future misions/maps) more fun to play.
      Do you think i have to alter the realism of this historical maps to increase the gameplay or you prefer to play on historical maps near the reality?



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          Rauray mission updated!


          Steven worked hard on the script, and i worked also very hard on the map to propose you (we hope) a very good skirmish mission!
          Download it on my first post, that is uptated today.

          I think it's one of our better mission, so thank's to play with it, give us your feedback and give a note! If you have any sugestions or ideas, don't hesitate to mp!

          Rauray is an historical battle, you will find the historic story here:

          This mission is one of the 5 missions of "Normandy 1944 " skirmish campaign mod, that we hope to be released in September..

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              That's weird


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                Link is down because bass is working on a new improved version which will be released soon....


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                  Originally posted by bassmaniac View Post
                  I'll check it again and will upload a new version if i find a solution with this bug.

                  Missed that


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                    Any news ?


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                      Originally posted by caprera View Post
                      Any news ?
                      Sorry is the little delay..
                      I was near to upload this mision this week end but i've managed to add an Air strafe in it. (it's the firt time i use the "near" command, and i missed something: the P51 refuse to straffe the player).

                      I've just a little script bug to solve tomorow and it will be ok.


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                        Thanks for the answer Bass


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                          New release of my mission "Rauray"

                          I'am proud to announce the release of my #3 mission, "Rauray".
                          This map is an old one of mine, entirely redone, with new textures and i reduced it's dimensions to avoid lag, and to recenter the battle zone in the center of the village, to improve the gameplay in mp.

                          This Historical and realistic skirmish mission take place at the village of Rauray, at the west of Caen, not far from Brettevillette and Tessel,in Normandie, at the end of june 1944.
                          It's based on originals satellite views of Google earth.

                          "This mission describes the vital defensive fighting from 25 June to 1 July 1944 at Rauray in Normandy. Although the 1st Tyneside Scottish battalion gained a battle honour for their victory against the might of two of Germany's elite Panzer Divisions, the engagement and its significance for the Normandy campaign as a whole have been largely forgotten. The enemy's last throw came on 1 July, a fierce attempt to penetrate the Allied line and force the British back to the coast. After more than 14 hours of fighting and resolute defence by British anti-tank guns and artillery, the 2nd and 9th Panzer Divisions were halted in their tracks.
                          This is the area west of Caen, in the vicinity of the villages of Fontenay and Rauray, where the British 49th "Polar Bears" Division faced off against elements of German Panzer Lehr, 12th SS "Hitlerjugend" Panzer Divisions and later some elements of 2nd SS "Das Reich", in late June of 1944. The British goal was to seize the village of Fontenay, then push onward to take the hilltop woods near Tessel, and ultimately the high ground near Rauray.
                          This last objective, the "Rauray spur", was vital because it overlooked the lower, flatter region to the east, where the larger Operation Epsom was to be launched the following morning. Epsom was an ambitious attempt to outflank Caen from the west. While it ultimately failed, it succeeded in tying down large numbers of powerful panzer divisions. This undoubtedly helped the Allies to break out from the other beach heads ( )

                          There is a lot of new things in this mission:
                          - New ground seamless textures
                          - New stamps (tank tracks and new pools).
                          - New sounds: MG42, Bofors and Flak38 turret, Tiger turret , and the real sound of the Willis Jeep!
                          - New Skin for P51 Mustang and reals new sounds of this plane!

                          - New sound for the mortar (another one)
                          - A lot of new ambience sounds added everywhere in the map
                          - Sound of "Reinf.have arrived": changed to a snaredrum + a german voice.
                          - New faces for German tank commander and "Das Reich" units
                          - Some inventories modified
                          - German voices checked and changed (thank's to Ultimaratio for his help)
                          - New Skirmish Music: 2 German real marsh's songs of WW2
                          - AI modified reinf (depends of the Mission level) and I 've changed also AI units names, to be conforms to this battle.
                          Beware of snipers (There are everywere).. and you will have some surprises (depends on contacts with some areas in the map)...

                          There is also the same goodies that were already in the preceding Missions:
                          - skins for vehicles (trucks, tanks, Sdkfz 251) with 3D skins specials "Busches camo" For Some Major German's tanks (include the Kingtiger).
                          - 3d characters (horses, rabbits, dogs, roosters/3D Models by Ironweapon from "FFI" team)
                          - skins of animals (cows, chickens)
                          - interface (icons, screens, menus, pictures, etc. ..)
                          - Colored labels for all units (with the proper names of Each unit's battle for Rauray)
                          - Ambient sounds (sound of country french village, insects, cuku, dogs, water of river etc..)
                          - German Elite's skins (2nd "Das Reich" Fallschirmjager "green devils" 12th "Hitler Jungen," Medic, tank crew and Commander, waffen SS sniper ..)
                          - Gun sounds for the 88 Maybach engine and the Tiger (the real one, from youtube video of the test brumbar dovington of the museum's Tiger:
                          - A lot of new voices for all German's units
                          (The GEM engine sound "saturate" when there Is too much units on the map at the same time and it create a bug of infinite looped sounds: If It appears (not all of the time): just click on the Save menu button (or press backspace) and go back in game. It Will Stop that looped sounds ..
                          (I 've modified the sound.set.file for this mission and it seems better now, but it still persist sometimes).
                          I was inspired by a book of Kevin Baverstock who wrote "Breaking-Panzers, The bloody battle for Rauray" :
                          It should be emphasized also that the heaviest fighting in Normandy were led by Anglo-Canadian troops (UK), which took the misfortune to come on German's elites troops with strong armored divisions, and veterans, who were based near the city of Caen.. A lot of them loosed their lifes for our liberty:
                          I take a lot of time to do this mission and i want to thank's a lot for their helps:
                          - Ultimaratio (Austria) who help me to traduct all the new voices for Germans soldiers,and give me suggestions to improve it, and also for his beta tests
                          - Mopar (Australia) who help me to traduct the voices for UK soldiers and for his blood Fx.
                          - DjSatane (USA) for his help for debugging the skirmish script in coop mp.
                          - Steven (USA), who did the first skirmish script. (I hope he is still alive to see that his work is really appreciate by the players who enjoy chalenging theses skirmish missions..)
                          Thank's to all the players for their comments and to vote on moddb.
                          Don't forget to give me your feedback to give me the way to improve this mission,if you like it!

                          You can download it here:

                          I hope you will like this mission, as far as I've had the pleasure to do it.
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                            Bass, I have to say that this looks amazing! As soon as it's authorized on MODDB i'll be downloading it and giving it a try. Really enjoyed the mission the first time around, and if you have improved it even more then im sure it will be brilliant. The new skin for the P-51 loks amazing by the way.


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                              Brilliant! Hope this descripes your work a bit