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  • [Release] German Soldiers Mod (GSM) Fields of Honor 6

    this is the Thread to the newest German Soldiers Mod avaiable , currently its the GSM Fields of Honor XI
    Intention for this Mod was to make it become the best Mix of Realism / Balance that is possible, its hard for newcommers to get an overview about the new Stuff, but once you get an Idea of the Full Capabilities of the Mod you will be suprised how much Fun it can provide.

    Full Releases :

    1.Steam Workshop GSM XII GSM XII GSM XII

    Patch Releases :



    Installation for full versions :

    unload all older versions and then delete them , afterwards just run the installer the instructions for install.

    Installation for patches versions :

    just copy the Files from the Archive into your Mod Folder, start the Game unload the mod, restart your game and load the Mod again.


    important changes :

    - new Nations : France , Romania , Italy, Poland and Hungary
    - Yearsettings (39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 39-45) with different options to disable certain groups of Vehicles
    - heavy Guns/Howitzers are towed from the point of purchase
    - 50m-80m Ingame Range for Sub-Machine Guns & Assault Guns (depending on Caliber & Muzzlespeed)
    - 100m Ingame Range for all Rifles & MGs
    - 110-120m Ingame Range for all heavy Machine-Guns
    - 120m Ingame Range for all Sniper-Rifles
    - 150m Ingame Range for all automatic Guns until 40mm
    - 200m Ingame Range for all Guns that are not automatic
    - 250m Ingame Range for Artillery with Ranges below 9Km
    - 270m Ingame Range for Artillery with Ranges between 11 to 15Km
    - 300m Ingame Range for Artillery with Ranges above 18Km
    - 180-220M Ingame Range for Rocket Artillery depending on the real Range
    - fixed Firerates and burstammounts for all avaiable Infantry Weapons to realistic Values
    - Increased Artillery & Rocket Artillery spread
    - changed all Gun Penetration Data for the most used Projectile in every Yearstage
    (f.e: 2pdr. has different Penetration Values from 40-41 to 42-43)
    - changed avaiability of Vehicles / infantry Weapons for every Yearsetting
    - changed Avaiability of specialized Ammunition for every Yearstage (APCR/APDS/HEAT)
    - new Weapon sounds
    - added new Voices for Infantry
    - new Accuracy-System for Infantry Weapons depending on Stance and Weaponknowlege
    - Rare Vehicles are restricted in Amount
    - new Vision Management (elite Troops can look farer)
    - HeroTree removed (most Hero units are normal units now)
    - removed any Restriction in Buymenu for the Testmode
    - added Smoke Dischargers for some Tanks that have them on the ingame model
    - a few more dead Entities will be shown on the map to make it more realistic
    - Dead Tanks have more realistic endurance of Smoking
    - Penetration Power Diplay Field can be turned off if the host wants that (default is off)
    - added several new Units
    - reworked damage System for Damages on all amored vehicles


    Timesetting overview :

    1939 : Germany, Russia, Poland
    1940 : Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, France
    1941 : Germany, United Kingdom, Russia, Italy, Japan, Romania, Hungary
    1942 : Germany, United Kingdom, Russia, Italy, Japan, Romania, USA, Hungary
    1943 : Germany, United Kingdom, Russia, Italy, Japan, Romania, USA, Hungary
    1944 : Germany, United Kingdom, Russia, Japan, Romania, USA, Hungary
    1945 : Germany, United Kingdom, Russia, Japan, Romania, USA
    1939-45 : all Nations
    light vehicles : all Nations
    medium vehicles : all Nations
    testmode : all Nations
    infantry only : all Nations


    changelog (XII) :

    - added Jagdpanzer IV L/48
    - added towing trucks to poland and france
    - added 37mm APCR to SA38 Gun (H39 tank) and 47mm APCR to SA1937 Gun (Lorraine 37 AT & SA37 AT Gun)
    - added 88mm FLak18 to Italy as Canone da 88/55
    - added Canone da 65/17 to Italy
    - added new 88mm Flak36, M2A4, M4, M4A1, M4A1 76w and M4A3E8 model
    - added 13mm 42m to Hungary
    - added 3 new maps (3x3, 4x4 and 5x5)
    - added new FX effects for tank damage and shell hits
    - added 57mm HEAT to Japan
    - added Foreign Legion to France
    - added polish commando troops
    - added 13mm Hotchkiss AA Gun, 20mm Gutstloff AA Gun and 75mm pak97/38 to Romania
    - added trun and seaside map
    - added poland and france to frontline
    - added Maresal, Tiger(P), Pz.VI Ausf.B with Porsche Turret and Pz.3 Ausf.H
    - added veterancy system and ammo distribution for infantry
    - fixed mod for 117 patch version
    - fixed textur missing on RPG6 Grenade
    - fixed italians had no sniper in 39-45 setting
    - fixed missing spec map for destroyed SdKfz. 234 model
    - fixed missing spec map for SdKfz. 251 with mortar
    - fixed missing textur for french tankman helmet
    - fixed skin bug on french Mgunner
    - fixed armor data for IS3 tank
    - fixed track texture for KV1 varints
    - fixed issues with Armor on Pz4 Ausf.D/E/F1/F2
    - fixed missing skin on schwarzlose MG
    - fixed penetration power is shown even when disabled
    - fixed crashing when buying Guzzi SA500 motorcycle
    - fixed white marks after ground was hit by bullets
    - fixed crash on startup due visual changes in game engine
    - fixed Italian Heavy Ammo Truck
    - fixed Centurion / Challenger Buymenu problems
    - fixed automatic firering problems with several aa vehicles / guns
    - fixed boyes rilfe penetration data
    - fixed waterline on prokhorovka map
    - fixed texture glitch on tracks for SdKfz. 251/17
    - fixed automatic gun HE Shell damage on unarmored vehicles
    - fixed armor data for Pz.3 Ausf.F
    - fixed amor bug on KV1 '40 , KV1e , KV1s , KV8 and Su152
    - fixed speeds for universal carrier, t-20 and kettenkrad
    - fixed spawnpoints on Poland map
    - fixed sounds for sexton and M7 Priest(uk)
    - fixed seaside map
    - fixed Hetzer machine gun
    - fixed SdKfz.4 (Panzerwerfer)
    - fixed french medic helmet & name
    - fixed french foreign legion cap
    - fixed game duration bug
    - fixed problems with SdKfz. 251/1
    - fixed several problems with different amored cars
    - fixed inventory for supply trucks in skirmishes
    - fixed accuracy for G41/G43 rifles
    - fixed frontline mode
    - fixed problems with 118 patch
    - fixed texture glith on sdkfz 8
    - reworked burst rates for smg and mgun
    - reworked damage/range scale for infantry weapons slightly
    - reworked accuracy for rifles
    - reworked firerates for semi automatic rifles and carbines
    - reworked reloading times for smg
    - reworked health damage for smg
    - reworked bullet speeds for smg, rifles and machine guns
    - reworked german & russian non-elite automatic rifleman breeds
    - reworked vehicle skins so they fit the map now
    - reworked mortar impact effect
    - reworked prices for french medium and heavy tanks
    - reworked no artillery Setting not longer contains heavy support vehicles with 95mm Guns or bigger
    - reworked tank damage system
    - reworked reload times for stripe fed AntiAircraft Guns
    - reworked reload times for heavy aa guns
    - reworked gun accuracy classes slightly (automatic guns and support guns & vehicles especially)
    - rewored infantry files for new veterancy system
    - reworked artillery / mortars / rocket artillery now can split a barrage into 2 parts
    - reworked sherman tank sounds for different engines
    - reworked ammo cock off script
    - reworked us Airborne MGunner had lewis machine gun instead of BAR
    - replaced model for hungarian helmet
    - replaced M36B1 Slugger Model with newer one
    - replaced 47mm Pak37-t in Romanian rooster with 47mm Breda AT Gun
    - removed Hit Markers
    - removed willy jeep with .50cal due beeing bugged
    - removed 20mm solothurn and 20mm lahti
    - removed SdKfz.7/2a and Isu-122s
    - removed Kugelblitz due various problems with new Patch


    Question: My game wont start, i got an error after Installing the mod.

    Answer: seems like you havent installed the mod correctly , sometimes it happens that the Installer takes the path of the last Installation of GSM (f.e: GSM Burning Steel) and shows up the Burning Steel 3 Installation path to install a newer Version into that, but that ain't work, you have to adjust the correct path before installing then, just read the Installation notes (they show up when you execute the installer) carefully, then it should run ok. The mod name is always the same as the Folder name for the mod, otherwise it won't work properly.


    Question: whats the Special Ammo used for ?

    Answer: there are 3 kinds of new Ammo included in this mod called APCR , APDS and HEAT .

    APCR (Armor Piercing Composit Rigid) consists of a small sub-caliber projectile (its diameter is smaller than the barrell diameter its been shot from) made of an hard material like tungsten or very hard Steel. this shot is filled in a Pakage of very light Material and has no explosive Filler like many normal AP or APCBC Rounds.Cause this Composit Shot is very light it weight it has a higher Speed when leaving the barrel compared to other Ammunition Types. If the Ammunition hits the Target, the light mantlet Material will be barked of the hard core and only the core will provide Penetration to the Target.The High Speed gives APCR a better Penetration Power on smaller Ranges but it looses its Power very quick so its not very handy when fighting on longer Ranges cause its maybe even worse than normal Rounds and its less accurate than normal AP Rounds due its lighter weight.Its even not that good in killing a Tank finally cause it lacks of an explosive Filler. The Tank breaks down relative good but its mostly not wrecked after a hit.APCR was used by nearly all Warnations (even the British used small Stocks of APCR). the Germans had Problems after 1943 cause they were cut off the Supplys with Tungsten which was also need for production Tools.

    APDS (Armor Piercing Discarding Sabot) is sub-caliber Projectile (its diameter is smaller than the barrell diameter its been shot from) which has no fixed mantlet be embedded it like APCR Shots. it has Mantlet consisting of 2 Part that only help to fix the Shell in the Barrel and fills the Space around the Shell.Theese 2 Parts are discarded in flight after firing when leaving the Barrel , leaving the small Subcaliber Shot flying alone to the Target and do the Penetration Job.That give the Projectile a very good Speed and good Balistic Behavior and very good Penetration Values, even over great Distances. Its Negative Spread over Distance and its low destroying capabilities are byproduct of the small size of the Shot. only British troops used this Type of Shell , the Germans had some expiriments to the end of the War but no Results in greater Ammounts to be delivered to the Troops. British APDS Rounds had the Problem of scattering on the Target when hitting in low impact Angles, sometimes even on less than 1000m where they expirienced better Penetration behavior with the normal APCBC or APC Rounds.APDS Rounds where delivered from 1944 on in greater Numbers to the British Troops, they where used in the 6 and 17pdr. Guns mostly.

    HEAT (High Explosive Anti Tank) Sometimes called a hollow charge projectile. The explosive is shaped as an inverted cone with the base of the cone at the front of the projectile. At detonation the shape focuses the explosive creating a narrow, high speed jet of plasma which penetrates the armour. The penetration capability of a HEAT projectile is the same regardless of range.HEAT Projectiles where used by nearly all Nations trough the War, Germany was forced to used them on the Eastern Front excessivly cause it was the best Ammunition for the Short Barrelled Pz IV Variants to fight against the Russian KV and T34 Variants.HEAT has the Great Disadvantage that is shape is very bulky and it has a very bad aerodynamic shape so it has a great Spread even on smaller Ranges than normal AP Ammuntion , cause it never looses its Penetration Capability over the Range its good for Killing Tanks on longer Ranges, even when you have to shoot several Rounds on the Target. The Penetration Power of an HEAT Shell is not determined by its Speed , the most important Part is the Diameter of the Rounds, the bigger the better. Most 75mm HEAT Shells have ~70mm Penetration Power, 88-105mm Shells have ~90-130mm and 122mm Shells have arounds 150mm. Heat has the Big Advantage that it brings much heat into the Hull where the Shell hits which causes fire or leads to the explosion of the Ammunition.
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    Very cool but basically unplayable currently.

    Constantly crashes after 2 minutes of play.

    I've experienced this along with 3 other friends.
    Last edited by Epidemic; 20-11-2011, 20:45.


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      ok i take a look on it , it always run fine when we tested it 2on2


      • kelle123456
        kelle123456 commented
        Editing a comment
        ey its says when i open this EXE file installation files is corrupted please try another mirror!

    • #4
      Whenever any sort of "action" happens the game crashes to desktop with a "game is not responding" Windows error.
      Any sort of shooting guns, throwing grenades, etc will crash the game.

      Happens consistently every time and no idea why.
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      • #5
        seems to work fine for me...but I was testing it by my self.


        • #6
          I've narrowed it down.

          The game only crashes when something takes damage.

          Be it a person, a vehicles, etc.

          The game just instantly crashes.


          • #7
            i took it offline as long as im able to find a solution for this bug guys , pls stay tuned.

            edit : found it ... a small code line i fixed long time ago seemed to be copied wrong , it was only a small port of the localization files bshowing the deestroy message (to be exact : formating the color)

            im uploading a complete fixed version, to all that already downloaded the current version i have to say sorry guys
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              but take a look to the airplane, I start with a testmode with an airplane, and i crashed when it felt on the ground.

              PS: i tried also to use the german paratroopers, and the airplane felt again, and the game crashed again

              PPS: I tried also to play without airplanes, but every explosion crashed the game.
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                Post the new download link when its good to go


                • #10
                  im replacing the old files , aprox 2 am gtm+1 the upload should be complete


                  • #11
                    i replaced the files with the fixed ones, should run fine now.


                    • #12
                      Game doesn't even start now.

                      Gives an exception error involving a "105mm howitzer"

                      Basically the new download you put up is missing half of the artillery files.

                      I'm having to go to the old broken install and taking the files from that and putting it into the new one (oddly the old one has these files?)


                      got to a point now after copying over 10 or so files its asking for a 42mm_pak that even when I paste it in I still get an error.

                      Blubor2k just screw an installer, just rar your mod folder that you use to play the mod and upload it. The new installer you put up is missing a ton of files.
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                        Damn I was looking forward to playing


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                          Originally posted by Epidemic View Post
                          Game doesn't even start now.

                          Gives an exception error involving a "105mm howitzer"
                          I confirm. Impossible to start the mod... Same error.


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                            seems your download is broken , i downloaded it twice from each source and tested it again and it dir work fine

                            i tried to check all the download sources and it should be fine if you simply reload it, maybe the external link for the as version was linking to the normal vanilla gsm version (the vanilla version of the mod is 545mb , as version 500mb)
                            Last edited by Blub0r2k; 21-11-2011, 09:46.