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    Please do what you did with the first game and allow people to participate in the alpha/beta test who where part of the previous games development.

    Me and around 15 others where putting lots of time into testing your first game, and im putting bets that we made the game a lot better before release because of the sheer amount of bugs and errors that needed fixing before release.

    I'm so happy that you are doing a second game. i was so pleased that i was part of the first games early stages testing, i had some of the best times in my gaming career and i have been gaming since 1997 .

    Please DMS the masters of RTS, allow us a chance to do the same again for your next game, i would be obliged to be part of your alpha/beta test and im willing to give large amounts of time to do so .

    Goodluck DMS my favorite RTS developers.

    Sorry about the first post i had been working and i was very very tired .

    Have a good one everyone take care from L4Mll.


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      I hope this version will add more mission Pacific war, East Asia and North Africa


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        Originally posted by Do_Chuan View Post
        New Graphics; Campaign + Skirmish + Multiplayer
        I don't think there is Skirmish. Their "Skirmish" is just the series of campaign missions. And it's also a trick to make the text of the game features but it's not really the Skirmish to challenge AIs. People have been asking the real Skirmish for years, but so far there is no reply from the official.


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          Instict, how many new units/models do you have in plan to release with mowas 2 please ?
          Panzer 4, Panzer 4 with skirts, Tiger II, Panzer III and will be there more of those ?

          How about flak 36/41, Ordnance QF 17-pwnounder or SU-100 ?


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            Really, only graphics, pls can't there be added better control function for: supplying units, add a circle around the supply car to automatically ressuply instead of picking manually the ammo. You can also add a timer if you think is unrealstic. Better AI

            And also easier control for groups of units as in Wargame Airland battles, thats the way it should be done, excesive zoom out, when you have to control large number of units, easier weapon pick up and inventory. Also when we talk about tank battles, select them as you do with infantry, place them into formations, zoom out to control them, things like that to make them easier and much more fun to play.

            By this it would also be better to control the artillery. Just think about a Men of war with Company of heroes squad selection controls. Instead of 1 division, control as many as you can and want. Without sacrificing mobility, to how fast you can click.

            This is how Mow 2 should be, not only some graphics and sound improvements. + More constructible deffense buildings, like bunkers, anti tank guns to place them before battle. In the assault/deffense mode. This would add more to the realism. Battles should be more like Total War style, easyer control and camera. This would make the game a lot more atractive.


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              building bunkers and fortifications in a matter of seconds adds to the realism? Must've missed that memo.