General News: mega update

First, we'd like to apologize for the recent downtime we've experienced. However, everything now seems to be restored, though if you encounter any problems please report them.

We've been busy during our downtime and have a few things to present to you today! :D

First is the new Digitalmindsoft Zazzle shop!
This shop houses a collection of our new models and compilations which should appease those of you who just can't keep their eyes off of the M10 'Wolverine' model, or the new Comet tank. Due to the open nature of the Zazzle shop, we can also satisfy custom requests if you have something in mind. An Assault Squad hat or shirt perhaps? 8) If nothing on there interests you, at least it provides you a nice place to browse some of the new models that you'll be seeing in Assault Squad.

On top of this, we are unveiling a new company logo

Created by Final Image a designer studio located in Dresden/Germany. Successfully connecting the logo with the meaning of the company name, the digital mind will now represent the company in our games and media platforms.

Last but not least Digitalmindsoft joined Facebook!
Facebook is one of the best ways to stay connected with your friends - and show them where all the real games are made! Now you can keep track of us on there and point your friends in our direction the next time they see you playing the game. So join us on Facebook and keep track of us and our games!

DMS on Steam!
As we announced a short while ago, DMS is now on Steam and we have created our own group. Group members can win one of many exclusive testing accounts that we are giving away as the Steam group increases in size. For more details, check out the group!

In order to celebrate all this,
we've further discounted the Men of War: Assault Squad exclusive testing.
If you've been waiting for an opportune time to get in on the action, now is the time!

Now at 30% off, so don't miss that chance!


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