General News: New Forums

The first step of transferring our website to a more user friendly experience has been accomplished!

With the introduction of the new forums, plenty of valuable features have followed:

  • A new reputation system to promote friendly and helpful behavior
  • The ability to create user groups and communicate with friends
  • The ability to share screenshots and albums with friends
  • Facebook integration to make it easier to keep your user information up to date
  • A streamlined warning and banning system to provide transparency to users
  • Much more...
Additionally the introduction of the Honor Member:
  • Create your own customized blog
  • Have improved forum rights such as attachments and more
  • Have a larger private message storage
  • Have access to special forums
  • Be the first to be invited into betas, playtests or similar!
  • Much more...
How to join? You can either choose a paid subscription, or collect 1000 reputation points and get access for free!


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