General News: Our Future and the Past

Our Future and the Past

Undoubtedly, you have noticed our silence over the last few weeks and this is due in large part to some restructuring going on here at Digitalmindsoft. I wanted to update everyone on our latest news, chat a bit about the release of Assault Squad and the months that followed and finally, what you can expect from us in the future.

First off, due to your feedback and help, Assault Squad has been a tremendously successful title which has been rewarded by very satisfying sales numbers, a great community of players and hundreds of exciting gameplay changes that have brought the series forward as a whole.

Men of War: Assault Squad, has recently launched to great reviews and amazing digital sales - our best-selling launch title ever. -1C Company

Source: CVG

A while ago we have released our 6th patch, so it is apparent that we take customer support very seriously here at Digitalmindsoft. Since launch, our game has dramatically evolved becoming even bigger, better and more balanced. A lot of your feedback has been evaluated and many of our new improvements come from our players, so needless to say, our success would not have been possible without your support!

However, we are not quite done yet. Today, we want to announce our new "Game of the Year" edition of Men of War: Assault Squad. This version will include all 5 DLC for the game, all the previous patch content and be available both online and in stores.

And while exciting, we also have great news for our current players. Soon after the holidays, we will release a multiplayer add-on for the game introducing 15 new and unique special unit call-ins. The best part? They will be entirely free for everyone!

Aside from that, we will also be moving into our new offices and hiring new staff, which has not been possible for us before. This allows us to expand our status as independent developer.

Apart from the office, we have prepared ourselves to work on our next big title, which will fit perfectly into our work style and ethics: great gameplay, innovative ideas and outstanding support.

Lastly, I'd like to give a personal thank you to everyone following us over the last few years. Your support means a lot to us and we are simply grateful that we can continue to deliver exciting and fantastic games to a great community of gamers.

Exciting times are ahead... I hope we experience them together! Stay tuned for more!

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