Men of War - Assault Squad: Add-on news 5

Step by step the Add-on as well as our office progresses and we are closer to completion than ever before.

After all the first batch of our new furniture arrived and those guys were heavy at work to build all this up (and much more you can't see) in just half a day. We are pleased, you?

As we have mentioned many times before, Men of War: Assault Squad will receive a free multiplayer Add-on containing of 15 new special units for you to choose from.

The next special unit being introduced is the Type 97 150mm heavy mortar!

This massive mortar with a 150mm caliber (compared to the 90mm of the other mortars in-game) delivers an impressive fire power and is a superior support weapon. While it's very slow to relocate its range is extended and the damage it causes are worth neglecting its disadvantages. The Imperial Japanese Army will push you back!

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More news soon and Happy Easter! :D

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