Men of War - Assault Squad: Add-on News 7

Did you know that we are situated in Ulm, the birth place of Albert Einstein and location of the church with the tallest steeple in the world?

It's also home of many world known companies and the University of Ulm:

As we have mentioned many times before, Men of War: Assault Squad will receive a free multiplayer Add-on containing of 15 new special units for you to choose from.

The next special unit being introduced is the Marder 3 H!

The Marder 3 H is equipped with the famous and extremely powerful PaK 40. It might be lightly armored, as it's based on the Czech 38(t) tank, but the small shape and unmatched firepower combined with decent mobility makes this an extremely valuable tank destroyer. A perfect and fast anti-tank unit choice for Germany.

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More news soon! :D

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