December 24, 2011 - 19:23
Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy the new bonus mission for Men of War: Assault Squad on Steam. (Use your GameSpy cd-key to activate the game! Also take advantage of the on-going holiday sale! Happy Holidays! more »
November 09, 2011 - 01:44
Our Future and the Past Undoubtedly, you have noticed our silence over the last few weeks and this is due in large part to some restructuring going on here at Digitalmindsoft. I wanted to update everyone on our latest news, chat a bit about the release of Assault Squad and the months that followed and finally, what you can expect from us in the future. First off, due to your feedback and help, Assault Squad has... more »
July 20, 2011 - 18:12
Today we announce that Digitalmindsoft publishes "Subject 47" a novel in a tense and thrilling environment of the near future. Follow the main character through the experiences he suffers when fighting the outmost dangerous species: Humans filled with the purest form of hatred. The book is scheduled for the last quarter of 2011. To find out more, join our Facebook page! Enjoy and stay tuned! more »
June 20, 2011 - 13:59
The first step of transferring our website to a more user friendly experience has been accomplished! With the introduction of the new forums, plenty of valuable features have followed: A new reputation system to promote friendly and helpful behavior The ability to create user groups and communicate with friends The ability to share screenshots and albums with friends Facebook integration to make it easier to... more »
February 22, 2011 - 21:33
Digitalmindsoft is hiring freelance programmers to support the team of Men of War: Assault Squad in areas such as: Interface programming Multiplayer-lobby programming Gameplay programming The job is done part-time (flexible) and off-site. Proven industry experience is a requirement, being familiar with the series a plus. To apply, visit our job page: Jobs Page Thanks! more »

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