Developers update 1

Welcome to the first developers update of Call to Arms!

The game has made huge steps forward and we are pleased to talk about the first of many new features of Call to Arms!

First of all, we integrated Steam multiplayer, which will handle all the server browsing, connecting, quick finding, as well as our new matchmaking functionality. Work is still in progress, but all basic functions are already implemented. Expect some screenshots next time around. :)

This month, we will finish the basic infantry equipment and then we'll move on to vehicles and further refine the gameplay. Every unit implemented into the game is worked on with a lot of care and we're aiming to provide you with the best possible multiplayer experience. The infantry combat has already benefited from the many improvements made to the small scale gameplay. Compared to previous titles in the series, infantry has received a lot more attention and provides you unique and interesting tactical gameplay opportunities, where flanking and smart play is rewarded. :)

We're continually refining our brand new maps, so that they are perfectly in sync with the gameplay and player numbers. Call to Arms will be by far the most polished experience we have created so far!

We've also made countless improvements to the engine, tremendously improving the visuals of the game. Ground textures already support normal mapping and soon parallax mapping will be added as well. All new objects are created with highly detailed normal maps. Real-time lights affect ground shadows and all other objects. We also added new cascaded shadow maps for accurate and smooth shadow rendering. The new engine features also include options for color, brightness, contrast, gamma and tone corrections. Overall the graphics have already made a huge step forward and the final quality of the game will be even better! :)

Above you see a comparison shot between no normal/specular maps and no image corrections, compared to fully integrated normal and specular maps, as well as image corrections.

As you know, Call to Arms is crowd-funded and with the 3rd Challenge almost completed, it might be the best time for you to have a closer look at the reward list!

Thanks for your support!

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