General News: Exclusive Tester Holiday Season offer

Digitalmindsoft is pleased to announce a series of discounts on exclusive testing this holiday season. This is the perfect time for new players to get into the new expansion for "Men of War" or seasoned players to get more from the game they love. If you have been wanting to see what "Men of War: Assault Squad" brings to the game, this is the opportunity that you have been waiting for!

"Men of War: Assault Squad" (formerly known as "Heroes Badge") is a stand-alone expansion to "Men of War", the real time strategy game released earlier this year which offered the unique experience of realistic tactical style gameplay filled with innovation and features unseen in other games.

"Assault Squad" aims to improve on the multiplayer experience offered by "Men of War" by completely revising the combat to provide a more realistic and balanced experience. In addition to the numerous changes to gameplay, it also offers the completely new skirmish gameplay mode. This mode allows players to complete their choice of 15 missions alone or with up to four players and offers a dynamic experience which plays out differently every time. "Assault Squad" also adds an impressive assortment of new units to the battlefield including the M10 Tank Destroyer, the A34 Comet, the Nebelwerfer 41 rocket artillery platform, and many more. Much of the existing weaponry has also been re-skinned and visually improved.


Exclusive testers will also have access to an unique map pack upon release and are also able to check out any of Digitalmindsofts' upcoming products as well as access to exclusive forums.
Discounts are as follows:
4,99 € for the Bronze subscription, 9,99 € for the Silver subscription and 19,95 € for the Gold subscription.

So what are you waiting for?
Get your exclusive access today, or upgrade your existing account!

Get it here! :booyah:

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