General News: Exclusive testers

DMS is offering a cool option to our fans that can no longer wait for our next games or want to be a part of game development by contributing their opinion on a very early stage.

For a very limited time, users can buy an exclusive tester membership at DMS that allows you to test games for a couple of months or up to a year. This membership provides you access to internal tester forums and gives you the opportunity to speak directly to the developer team as well.

It's guaranteed that a minimum of 1 project is open for testing, for instance in multiplayer, or limited access to singleplayer. Including minimum monthly updates or more!

How does it work?

  • Go to our subscription page[/*:m:hipyuzzm]
  • choose the months you wish to subscribe[/*:m:hipyuzzm]
  • Enter your payment details at paypal and at the end of the process fill out the text field "Enter your DMS forums account here" with your forums nickname[/*:m:hipyuzzm]
  • Wait for DMS contacting you, may take up to 48 hours[/*:m:hipyuzzm]
  • Check the internal forums for further information and downloads![/*:m:hipyuzzm]

What do I get?

  • Exclusive game preview versions of DMS games[/*:m:hipyuzzm]
  • More content than in regular betas or demos[/*:m:hipyuzzm]
  • Unlimited game time[/*:m:hipyuzzm]
  • Direct contact to developers to share your opinion and to give feedback[/*:m:hipyuzzm]
  • Be the first to see new games[/*:m:hipyuzzm]
  • Receive free bonus content for the games you are testing![/*:m:hipyuzzm]
14 days money back guarantee!

The first exclusive testing starts next week and is a must have for all MoW fans who want to influence the upcoming expansion, so hurry up!

Note - You aren't getting charged for regular demos or betas, this is an extra service not influencing non-subscribers!

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