Men of War - Assault Squad: Exclusive testing!

Men of War: Assault Squad is now available to our exclusive testers for preview!

The preview version includes 3 multiplayer nations, USA - Commonwealth - Germany and will expand over the next few months in quality and content with new nations and features.

If you like to be part of the testing and join the exclusive testers, you can get a subscription here:
subscription page

To get an overview of the service check the:
services page

All exclusive testers* will also get free access to bonus content for the release version of the expansion:

  • 5 additional brand new multiplayer maps[/*:m:psp8r5nd]
  • with various scenarios and different maximum players[/*:m:psp8r5nd]
  • 100% compatibility with the regular expansion[/*:m:psp8r5nd]

*This offer is valid for all exclusive testers that registered during September 2009 or later


With this concept we try to increase the level of communication with our community, allowing everyone of you to get a much better view of our work, support the work we do and enjoy our games early on. Your feedback will be valued even more and especially at a point where we still can change a lot of the game, as a thank you, you receive free bonus content for the games you are testing!

Note - Exclusive testers don't get charged for regular demos or betas, this is an extra service not influencing non-subscribers! If you aren't interested in the exclusive tester subscription, you can wait for usual demos and betas and of course play them free of charge.

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