June 29, 2007 - 12:58
Hi everyone! I said that I maybe talk about the right interface this time, but I decided not to do so, since we will have a large announcement in the next few days and part of it will be a detailled explanation of all control schemes and the whole interface... :) Because of this aswell, it will be the last devupdate for a while until the announcements passed, meanwhile we are using the time to polish the game. But... more »
June 22, 2007 - 15:43
Hi! This time we want to talk further about the new interface. One of the main improvements of the middle bar is, that your buttons can be customized by your own! :) All you need to do is to click with the right mouse button on your wished button, drag it to its new location and consider its beauty! http://www.digitalmindsoft.eu/outcoming ... ace_01.png This option will allow you to set your interface the way you... more »
June 15, 2007 - 15:00
Our 10th and still not the last devupdate will tell you about some German warmachines this time, as not only the Soviets got new early war material to the front. The PzKpfw III was Germanys first medium tank and was designed for tank on tank combat. The first production models version "F" were equipped with a small 3.7cm anti tank gun. The tank had the role to fight against other tanks while the PzKpfw IV was... more »
June 08, 2007 - 14:59
Hello everyone! Today we will tell you about the players’ statistics and scores in the new online multiplayer. For the case you can't remember anymore, we will remind you on a few things: Currently we are testing our statistics system which will reflect the player’s activity and success in multiplayer games. The statistics system consists of 2 parts – player stats and global stats. Both types of stats will be... more »
June 01, 2007 - 16:20
Today we are going to lose some words about the promised sounds. Overall there are about 800 new unique and authentic sounds created for the game. Even footsteps have now matching sounds for their underground, whether it is snow, grass, dirt or sand. Explosions have multiple and various sounds so they won't be repeated one after another and each one will sound differently for you! Furthermore not only explosions,... more »

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