Release Date: 
February 27th, 2009
Real-time Tactical-Strategy
Age Rating: 
ESRB Mature 17+, PEGI 18, USK 16

"Men of War is a vast World War II epic that puts almost all others to shame." - PCGZine


Men of War delivers innovative armor penetration and physics systems that calculates the impact angle of every projectile in accordance to the historic armor value of each unit. Coupled with historically accurate sounds and intense battlefield visuals, Men of War remains an unrivaled WWII experience.

Take control of your soldiers, drive your tanks, set up ambushes and destroy your enemies with precision artillery strikes. Feel your adrenaline surge as an enemy Tiger crosses your path or cause your enemies to panic when they hear the sound of a deadly German Panther tank! The choice is yours...


  • Expansive single-player campaign shown through untold skirmishes and massive battlefields
  • Fully destructible environments and advanced physics allowing players to drop paratroopers, call in artillery and level entire cities
  • Explore over a hundred historically accurate tanks and vehicles across five playable nations
  • Smart AI allowing infantry to hide in vegetation, call for reinforcements and throw back incoming grenades
  • Innovative armor penetration systems that render realistic WWII tank combat
  • Historically accurate audio and visual experience
  • Excellent modding support including the official SDK (Map editor, 3dsMax Plug-ins)
  • Direct Control! Want it done right? Do it yourself!



  • Up to 16 players via LAN or Network
  • In-game browser including ranked statistics
  • Several competitive game modes developed to create intense battlefield action
  • Cooperative support allowing players to play the campaign with friends
  • Five multiplayer nations balanced against one another
  • Dozens of multiplayer maps with dynamic weather including fog, rain and snow


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