General News: Forums update & new website soon!

As you may noticed we went over the Forums in the last few days.

That happened because the launch of our new website and community portal is very close and will be hopefully done at the beginning or end of next week.

A few things may confuse you, for example why the News forums of Faces of War are now in the top hierarchie, that is because we will have only one News forum for all news we post, the website will syncronise the forums and newssystem we have.

Faces of War = Outfront 2?
Yes actually it is, it was the working title of Faces of War and now is the working title for the sequel of Faces of War, if the name will remain, we don't know yet. It may change during the time, but still better than just calling it the "sequel" ;)

Why Outfront 2 not Outfront?
Actually Soldiers: Heroes of World War 2 is Outfront, it was the working title of the game, so it's logical to call the sequel of it Outfront 2.

In addition, the forums will be integrated to the website and you maybe won't arrive it through your bookmarked link in your favorites, for the case it should not work, simply type in:
you will find the forums in the community section.

Well that's it for the moment, I'll keep you updated!

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