Men of War - Assault Squad: Add-on news 6

Here we are with another update and hopefully one you like as much as the others.

Since the furniture is ready to go and all the tables are set up. It's time to get new office chairs to finally make use of the new equipment:

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As we have mentioned many times before, Men of War: Assault Squad will receive a free multiplayer Add-on containing of 15 new special units for you to choose from.

The next special unit being introduced is the Cromwell MK. VI!

The Cromwell MK. VI combines mobility of a medium tank with the firepower of a 95mm howitzer gun. A hard to hit target with the capability of destroying any fortified axis position. Thanks to projectiles which are flying in a slight arc, the Cromwell is extremely good at taking out anti-tank gun positions, even from covered positions. It's highly effective and low in costs, therefore the perfect tool for the Commonwealth to fight back even harder as ever before!

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More news soon! :D

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