Hitting Early Access!

Digitalmindsoft is excited to announce that the Men of War: Assault Squad 2 Early Access build is available now!

Early Access allows us to provide you more content during development without limiting our ability to polish the game until we feel it's ready. Until release we will gradually expand the Early Access and offer you more singleplayer, cooperative and multiplayer content along the way.

Everyone who purchases receives instant access to the game, as well as the full game on release. If you want to have the best possible Men of War experience we strongly recommend to wait for the full game. Playing the Early Access is at your own risk and you will very likely encounter issues that will not be present in the final version. The game is still actively in development so many things will change during this phase. Please do not judge the game until the final version is available. Thank you for your understanding!

In Early Access you get access to 15 singleplayer skirmish missions out of the 40 total in the final game.
Play as USA, Germany or Soviet Union and face off opponents in multiplayer or play with friends in cooperative mode.

Men of War: Assault Squad 2 is available on Steam!

Early Access offers a 20% discount and an additional 10% off for all Men of War: Assault Squad owners.
A Deluxe Edition is available as well!

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