Men of War: Best fanmade in-game video

1C Company, Digitalmindsoft and Dateyourgame are announcing the start of the best fanmade in-game video contest for Men of War, that allows everyone to win great prizes whether he has the game or not.

Everyone who bought the game is asked to create an in-game video of Men of War that shows the best moments you had with it. Show your creativity and make yourself an owner of valuable prizes.
For those who didn't get the game yet, we also sponsor 2 digital copies for 2 of all registered users that vote for the videos on So make sure you are not going to miss that great opportunity.

The videos should broadcast the most entertaining moments you had with the game, however we give you a huge creative freedom that you should use to your best.

The whole rules and prizes can be read up here:
Contest Topic

This topic will be locked and discussion will be allowed in the above mentioned link.

Thank you all for your participation!

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