Men of War: Developers update 01

Hello to our first developers update,
we will use it to keep the community informed about our progress and tell you some little secrets ;)

Primarily we wanted to achieve that the player gets more cinematic experience in the game, but in meantime we tried to increase the level of control he has.
That means more action better control.
A first step to achieve this was to completely rework the soundenvironment. Every rifle and every gun has its original and real sound now. Even tank engine sounds are given by their original still existing tanks.

Driving a Panther tank is more enjoyable than having and driving a Porsche now! :)
With the new sound environment you will experience an unseen and unheard atmosphere in any RTS game, not to say the most authentic environment ever created.
We removed robotic sound loops from all automatic weapons by making each shot sound different, as it is in reality. To do that we created several hundred new sounds for this game!

Another goal was to help players to select difficulty of the game that suits best to their skills. So we made 3 difficulty levels "easy", "normal" and "hard" instead of 2 and added the ability to select "Fog of War" mode before the mission. Now Fog of war can be turned "off", set to be "simple" or "realistic". When fog is turned off, player will see everything that happens on map - it's the easiest mode. Simple fog opens circle around any player units, so you will not see enemies far away and they will not be able to attack you from the dark corner - it's harder since you can't prepare yourself against incoming enemy tank columns. Realistic fog opens only cone before every soldier eyes, so enemy can sneak from behind and make an unpleasant surprise! The hardest gamemode for sure. FoW veterans can combine "hard" difficulty level with "realistic fog" to unlock the secret "insane" difficulty level :)

So enjoy the screenshots and our soundsample! (Panther tank! not representing full ingame quality)

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