Men of War: Developers update 02

Hello to everyone! Today it's time to publish the second chapter of our developers update. :)

It’s hard to have no casualties in massive battles and a single man can’t fight a whole army, so we have created a powerful system to call in reinforcements. This system is not really new to people playing Faces of War multiplayer modes, since it uses a somewhat similar system. But for the first time it will appear in singleplayer missions. The player will be awarded with reinforcement scores for completing mission tasks, good fighting or just by storyline. Than he can use this scores to call in reinforcements. Each reinforcement unit costs some scores, so you have to choose what you need most urgent – for example a tank, two APCs or soldiers with bazookas. Ofcourse you can’t get everything at once. Reinforcements request work in 2 phases – first, you need to select available reinforcements, then select target destination.

The reinforcement request system is quite universal, so players who like to create their own missions will be satisfied, aswell. In order to support your troops you can also call in artillery strikes, bombers and all warfare equipment besides tanks and infantry. Just use your imagination! ;)

More good news for owners of widescreen monitors or TVs:
We have improved widescreen modes support. Now you can play with resolutions that were not supported before, for example 1280 x 720. And owners of widescreen displays will see more than before, because the image will stretch horizontally instead of shrink vertically now.
But it's better to have your own look at it, far more worth than thousands of words.
So take a look on the screens below, which were made in different resolutions! :realbig:

So enjoy the screenshots!

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