Men of War: Developers update 03

Say hello to our 3rd Fridays devupdate!

In the first devupdate we were talking about the remake of the whole sound environment, although it gives the game a new and immense atmosphere it's not all we were changing to improve the cinematic experience of the game.
Together with the Sound Studio Maurice T. Anderson we are working on new music for the Addon to deliver you a much better ingame experience.
Also multiplayer tracks are beeing composed to give you the chance to hear atmospheric music in multiplayer battles aswell!
One Sound sample can be heard here: Music Sample (Danger)
New ambient sounds are going to underline the immense battlescenarios, as artillery strikes can be heard in the background to warn you before the hell rains down on Earth!

In order to improve the fluent gameplay, movie scenes between the game are put to a minimum and most elements of the campaign missions story are told by extensive pre computed movies, which can be canceled whenever you wish, to allow you to start with the action immediately.

So enjoy the next bunch of screenshots!

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