Men of War: Developers update 04

Hello, everyone! Today we will open the next chapter in our devupdate. As you all know – our project does not stand still and becomes better from day to day. :)

Last time the minimap was affected by our interface improvement process. The FoW minimap was quite good, and after the latest patch, you are able to open a big map (turned on/off by ‘M’ key), but those maps still lack some important features – the small minimap does not show all action on the map, and your are not able to play with the big map turned on.

The Addon minimap supports following:
- shows everything on the map
- rotates automatically with the camera
- can be dragged to any place on screen (drag it with pressed right mouse button)
- has several size options – from smallest to full screen size
- has several opacity options – from opaque to almost invisible
- can ignore mouse clicks (you can point targets and select units under minimap)

Faces of War

Current state (FoW Addon)

I feel it’s time to talk about new vehicles, since the new missions take place from 1941 to 1945 and it requires to have early war period vehicles. But we will talk in detail about it later... Just look forward ...

T26 Wallpaper:

So enjoy the next bunch of screenshots!

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