Release Date: 
February 25th, 2011
Real-time Tactical-Strategy
Age Rating: 
ESRB Teen, PEGI 16, USK 16

"Vivid and tactically demanding, Assault Squad is a brilliant multiplayer game that's even better with friends." - PC Gamer


Innovative features such as enhanced historical realism and a new cooperate skirmish gamemode offer newcomers and long-time players alike the best Men of War experience. Gain access to five distinctive nations and experience limitless replayability over fifteen new skirmish missions. Command your army in glorious multiplayer battles and rank up in our competitive community.

What makes this skirmish gamemode so unique?

  • Varying historical settings which offer limitless replayability
  • Unique hero units that increase your firepower, boost your morale or provide unparalleled tactical advantage
  • Bonus abilities such as remote controlled bombs that flatten residential blocks, airstrikes to destroy tank columns and the special “For the Motherland!” charge to swarm your opponent!
  • Improved AI ensuring for a dynamic play experience
  • Choose from a variety of battlefield locations ranging from Western Europe to Eastern Europe to North Africa and finally the Pacific
  • The ability to play this cooperatively with up to seven friends in LAN or cooperative online play


What else is new?

  • New multiplayer maps and game settings
  • Improved multiplayer balancing to provide a more authentic use of equipment and vehicles
  • Overhauled infantry squads and the ability to buy individual soldiers to suit your needs
  • More realistic weapon behavior and penetration values
  • Reworked artillery system that provides intriguing assault and defensive strategies
  • New types of ammunition that increase the depth of tank combat
  • Improved graphics and visual effects
  • Dozens of new weapons and vehicles to choose from!


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